#4 - The New Start.

So, as always, I did not end up making this a habit. Various incidences in my life have forced me to conclude that I can never create a routine of my own. But I badly want to challenge that conclusion and therefore instead of waiting for this to become a habit and then make it public, I will be posting every journal entry on Sundays over my facebook & instagram handle. Game on, life!

#3 - The Crisis Land.

I missed writing the journal last week because of the Diwali celebrations at home. And there I am, writing this at 12 on a Sunday night.

#2 - The Week that was.

It really took some convincing to write this thing today. The only question popped up to me was, “Why should I write it when no one reads it?” But then, I write for myself :)

#1 - Why Journaling?

Yes, I love writing. But lately I have been thinking on the motivation behind it. I have been asked why I write and the best answer I can come up is, it pushes my boundaries, it pushes me to try new things in the first place so I can write about them. And frankly, that is the truth.