It has been one week since I returned from my Thailand expedition - and it has not been that bad. Obviously, I don’t think I will ever be satisfied with myself, and that is perfectly okay. So, I hit the gym regularly for the whole week. I set up a good working space at my home - though could not work as much as I wanted to. But at least, there is some start.

I have always tried to be an all-rounder - doing a good bunch of things whenever I got the chance. It might be because of the way I was brought up or because I have an acute fear of missing out. This has placed me in a box where I am a master of none. Therefore one thing that I have decided is to try going deep into a subject this time. And I spent the later part of the week deciding the field I want to go deep into - a classic case of me fearing of missing out, again! I have already taken up a few things - more on this next week.

I am also trying to automate the email updates for my blog through Mailchimp. Though, I need to figure out a way through which MailChimp selects RSS feeds of only certain categories of posts and convert it into a newsletter. And this has to be compatible with Jekyll and Github Pages. I will dig into this more the coming week!

Interesting Stumbles

  • Blockchain - I have not completed this, but so far, this post have really helped to know the subject
  • Nerdwriter - An insightful youtube channel that is just a great way to spend time on the internet rather than surfing through the shit called Facebook
  • This is Us - The newest drama in my list which I binged watched through the week. For all those who are fans of good-old classic drama, This is Us won’t disappoint.

Books,Books and Books

  • Smarter, Faster and Better -I took up this book after hearing Duhigg talk about Mental Models in a Freakonomics podcast. I have completed around 30% of it it, and so far, there has been nothing extra-ordinary in the book. I have always been a big fan of Duhigg’s writing style, so hopefully this won’t disappoint.
  • 1Q84 - Murakami has this power of gripping your attention throughout the book. Another masterpiece by this Japanese superstar.

Music Discovery

I have often heard my friends telling how they hate finding new music. And yes, it is a pain-staking process. But I have these few hours once every two weeks where I devote the time to discover new music. Why not share them with the world? 

  1. Parvazz -Khufiya Dastaan - One of the older gems by this great band
  2. Vipin Misra Project - A silk-route member who now has his own band - Another one of the hidden gems of the Indian Indie scene
  3. Dream Theatre - My new work music