I missed writing the journal last week because of the Diwali celebrations at home. And there I am, writing this at 12 on a Sunday night.

I hate dormancy!

Lately I have been too dormant of learning new things. I have kind of got used to completing the day-to-day work and then be satisfied with it. And the worst part? I know I don’t want to, but the motivation and the zeal have kind of flown away. I tried out following a technique - the first 2-3 hours in office, don’t complete the monotonous workload, rather spend these hours in learning new things. However, after two days of following it, something always used to end up on my desk.


How to beat this dormancy? How to get back up and try to be the person you want to be? Is it because of the kind of workplace I am in, or is it because of me? I believe it is more to do with the kind of routine you follow. The day when you stop stepping out of your comfort zone, is the day you become dormant. I have no plans chalked out to beat this right now. All I have right now, is the intent to change. Hopefully when I write this next week, I have a plan in place :)

Theatre & Jazz

At least on the trying out new things outside the professional world, I am not that dormant. I attended a beautiful play at OddBird Theatre. The kind of intimate setting they had, and the whole experience around it was a first time for me. The organisers forced us to sit with strangers during the play. Also, as soon as everyone was settled in, there was silence for 5 minutes, a beautiful way to allow the audience to vent out all the thoughts before they can be totally attentive to the show. The play was Tadpole Repertory’s Quicksand, and anyone who is in Delhi, should absolutely experience this once.

After an intensive one-hour of theatre, it was Jazz time for me. Delhi’s much famous Piano Man was hosting Sharvi Yadav & Bohemia Voice. Such a musical experience was again a first time for me, and to say the least, it was beautiful.


One more new thing I did this week was try my hand at cooking. And to my surprise, I discovered cooking to be therapeutic. I did not cook anything fancy, just Egg Bhurji, half-fry and boiled eggs. But however small, it was fun and different. I will for sure cook more often.

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