Yes, I love writing. But lately I have been thinking on the motivation behind it. I have been asked why I write and the best answer I can come up is, it pushes my boundaries, it pushes me to try new things in the first place so I can write about them. And frankly, that is the truth.

I have seen many people try weekly journalling and lose their motivation within few weeks. Maybe I would too. But then I cannot not try with this fear right? So here I am, trying my hand at weekly journalling.

I will list down everything and anything that I want to share in these series of blog posts, which usually on normal weeks will be published on Sunday. The blogs will be raw & unedited so excuse the usage wrong incorrect grammar and sentence structures. I want to make this process as easy as possible so I can create a habit around it.

Everything going on in this week:

Lately I am feeling as if I am letting my life slip by my hand. Work at SocialCops is very hectic and somewhere I lose out on the things I want to do for myself. The life revolves around work-home-work, and which I really hate myself for doing. So, from this week I decided to take a step back, and start getting the control again, be in the drivers seat, and not let life play me around. And it is tough, but if if not done now, I will never learn to do it.

Bullet Journaling is back. The last time I had tried this was in my final year of college when there were less things to manage. But now, when you have multiple projects going on at work, and also several personal projects and things, you need a way for organizing your life.

Music? I stumbled upon the several songs composed by Amit Trivedi for the upcoming movie Secret Superstar. And the songs are Amit Trivedi at his best. Do listen to this one

From next time I will start sharing great blogs that I read too. I need to figure out a way to best show them though.

Until next time, see ya!