So, as always, I did not end up making this a habit. Various incidences in my life have forced me to conclude that I can never create a routine of my own. But I badly want to challenge that conclusion and therefore instead of waiting for this to become a habit and then make it public, I will be posting every journal entry on Sundays over my facebook & instagram handle. Game on, life!

How to setup goals?

Since I started my first job, planning and managing my time is something that I am consciously trying to do. And one of the biggest learning that I have had is - “Have quantifiable success/failure measure against each of your goals”. So when you decide to complete a task A, have a measure in mind regarding when will you say that task is completed. It may seem very trivial, however when it comes to implementation, I am yet to discover the most efficient way to do it.

Indonesia VS Philippines/Thailand?

I am planning to do a month long backpacking trip to SE-Asia early next year. My main motivation to try this, it to understand whether I really like the concept of long-term travelling or I am a kind of person who just like the concept and does not want to get his hands dirty. I do hope I am not the later. Indonesia has always been on the top of my list, mainly because of a decent backpacking culture and the varied opportunities of learning to dive. However, Jan/Feb being the wettest months in Indonesia, slowly I am skeptical about my plans and I just might head to Philippines or Thailand. If anyone reading has any suggestions for this, please please do let me know :)

The Science of Productivity?

I was listing to this podcast by The Upgrade where Charles Duhigg talks about various ways and psychologies of being productive. One thing that really struck me was the art of telling stories to your mind. Everyday in the metro, Duhigg closes his eyes and recreates the perfect day in his mind. He trains his brain to live that ideal day in the mind first and so, when it actually happens in real life, his brain already knows what to do. Micheal Phelps used a similar method to recreate a perfect winning swim before he went to sleep.

And it sounds logical too right? Train your brain for all the worst and the best things you can imagine of, and so when it happens in real-life, it is no different for you. I might try this, though I need to read more on how to do it exactly.

The Phone Hack!

I was reading this blog where it struck me that even I have become addicted to my phone. Who has not right? In spite of having deleted Facebook, I still end up using Instagram quite regularly. So I followed some of the hacks mentioned in the blog to give my iphone a quick change. And within two days, I actually feel the change. Do give it a try.

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