It really took some convincing to write this thing today. The only question popped up to me was, “Why should I write it when no one reads it?” But then, I write for myself :)

The Big Launch I was working on a project with the Ministry of Rural Development to develop a dashboard for monitoring 41 national schemes. It was finally launched by the Prime Minister on Wednesday in a grand event at Delhi. Apart from the 5 minutes where he launched our dashboard and spoke about the impact it will create, the event was boring & tiring. But yes, in my first job, the first project gets launched by the Prime Minister - it was surreal. You can read more about the project in this blog

Thoughts? I have started to somewhere doubt my motivation to create a habit and follow it. It has been three months I have been in Delhi and yet I usually waste time when I am not in office. Netflix, youtube and the internet have become a regular time wasting machine. Also, the zeal to convert my ambitions into actions have reduced. Is it because of the job? Or is it just me?

One App that I discovered this week I stumbled upon Reflectly, which is a basic journalling application. The best thing I loved about this particular app, is the fact that is not monotonous. Everyday, the app asks you new questions which really makes you think about your day. Do give it a try.

Top 3 Blogs that I read

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  3. Sculptor vs Painter