Projects I have completed or am working on -

  1. Perspective Mining from Reddit comments

    In this study, we examine different methods on extracting perspectives (viewpoints) from freely structured datasources. Consider this question - ”Will AI lead to a downfallof the human civilization?”. There are various equally valid arguments to it and one needs to read about all the diverse perspectives to create a learned opinion. Can this be done computationally? As a case in point, we focused on posts related to abortion on r/changemyview subreddit & experimented with LDA & Perspective Clustering using sentence embeddings. However since these sentences belong to the same topic, sentence vectors are very close in the embedding space which hinders the performance of clustering. To counter that, we introduce a new P-Network framework that learns a network structure between perspectives. To conclude we showcase a UI of how the framework can be usedto deliver diverse opinions on a topic to a user.

  2. Aspect Extraction and Opinion Analysis of Amazon Reviews

    Using models from NLP, we developed a system that extract different aspects about a product from their online reviews and give them respective polarity scores. This was the first time I tried my hand at NLP and handling massive data, and thus the project turned out to be a great learning curve.

  3. Analysing Health Data of Nagpur District

    As a part of a recruitment challenge by Socialcops, governmental data was cleaned, studied and analysed to discover trends that will help improve the medical standard of the district and help devise better strategy for policy makers.

  4. Flight Prices Prediction

    As my B.Tech project, I developed and designed a model to predict flight prices and suggest a user whether the prices will fall or rise in future. The project has been accepted to be presented at Data Science Congress Mumbai 2017 as a research paper.

  5. Hostel Management System

    Developed and designed a hostel management system based on the SRS document and documented the different versions of the software along with designing UML diagrams. Django, a python based framework was used to create the portal.

  6. Automated Scheduled Flight Prices Scraper

    An automated python based flight price collector, which used crobjob as a scheduler to collected daily flight prices and outputs as a csv file. Read about it more here.