One week leading to the Thailand trip, I set out to write a long list of fears I wanted to conquer through the whole experience. I even asked several of my close friends to help me point those out. 

Many times while travelling we tend to forget that along with the luxury of relaxation, we have an opportunity to really step out of our comfort zone.

How many of us can really say that between the busy schedule of managing our work, home & relationships we find time to improve our own self? Those who do, please please please, shoot me an email on how you manage it. And for other mortal beings(like me) who don’t, next time you travel, make sure you follow some of these -

Have conversations with yourself

It might sound creepy and psychic, but it is fun. And you don’t have to talk aloud or write. Choose your way of implementation. But there is a difference between thinking and “talking” with yourself. Thoughts tend to be more unidirectional when our mind has already decided on a thing. But when you talk, you actually discuss and then decide. I know it sounds creepy, but try it once. I personally wrote those conversations in my diary. 

List down your fears and try to overcome them

In our hectic schedule we never find enough time to work on your flaws and overcome your fears. One of the best things I did before starting the solo was to list down a couple of things I really want to transform. One was the fear of talking to strangers. The first couple of days were tough, but then because I was alone, I HAD to talk to people. I followed a five-second rule - wherein, if I saw a fellow traveller with whom I wanted to talk, I never thought about it for more than five seconds.

Make time for a passion of yours

Remember that you always wanted to learn a guitar but never could find the time? Or you wanted to binge read a novel, but every time you set out to read one at night, you doze off to sleep? You can guess where I am getting at. You will have all the time in the world to find that quality time. Go and indulge in that passion of yours!

Bring back something that reminds you of the trip

Before my trip to Thailand, I was vehemently against spending money on souvenirs. However, while I was bust travelling there, I had this immense urge of taking back a physical something that will remind me of the trip. It can be anything from a conventional souvenir to tattoos or even just a small seashell. I brought back a leather bracelet from the much famous Chiang Mai night market, and I always have in on.


I know I preach about this a lot. But, it has been my best companion, so why not? I would recommend writing daily, however, I know it can get a bit cumbersome. Then at least write twice on the whole trip - one when you start the trip and one when you end.

Take a cooking course

This might not be applicable to all destinations, but if you are visiting an exotic country which has a rich cuisine, just take the course. I would suggest to take it in the first few days itself because it will provide you with the knowledge of all the dishes the country has to offer. And that makes your life easier when you are ordering food at that small road-side food stall.