I had written in my earlier post, that I would become an early riser this year. I tried and I failed.

It has been 2 months and 21 days and I am ashamed to share that I woke up early only for 23 days. It doesn’t mean that I hated waking up early, I loved it. The serenity, the calmness and the solitude was addictive, but it wasn’t addictive enough to wake an lazy ass like me.

I tried many things. I read a lot. I made a morning routine. I applied all the technicalities of making a habit as explained by Charles Duhigg. I spent an hour identifying the cues and rewards and made a 15-day plan for the same. I followed it for some days and then I just stopped. Meditating in the morning was refreshing and so was exercising and drinking a cup of warm lemon water. Yet I couldn’t continue it.

The whole experiment made me to doubt myself. I had always thought myself to be someone who cannot persist with one thing. And this whole incident proved it to me. It is very agonizing to know your mistakes and yet be helpless to solve it. The failure may be due to the fact that my schedule is unpredictable. Whatever may it be, one thing I know for sure – I failed!

Therefore, for the time being, I quit and I no longer will be trying to wake up early. I will come back to it, once I finish with my engineering.

PS. I have my whole experiment documented. If anyone wants to try it, I will be more than happy to share!