And then we left for our own ways, just like we had come together after walking our own path on that sunny July 21st morning. Who knew, these four years will make us into friends, enemies, partners in crime, shoulders to cry on, faces we despise, but at the end, these very same people will make us cry while bidding our final goodbyes.

I have always disliked endings. Whether it was when I completed a great book , a high school farewell or an end to a memorable trip, it was always tough. This is one of such moments, where everything I knew, everything I was a part of, and everything that has shaped me into “me” is coming to an end. I am separating from a place which was “my home more than my home” for four years. 

There have been countless memories we have shared, but the foremost thing I will miss for the years to come are the people I met here. Seniors who guided us, classmates who walked with us & juniors who made our experiences worth sharing. It is amusing how I have stored all names in my phone with IITJ behind them. But the fact is, there is no need of an “IITJ” to remind me who these people are. Not even in my wildest dream can I forget these people, or confuse them with others.

It is only when you are about to lose something, do you realise its true value in life. These past weeks have been emotionally toiling, to say the least. You get a strange feeling when you are about to leave a place. Like you’ll not only miss the people you love but you’ll miss the person you are now at this time and this place, because you will never be this way ever again.

Ujjwal Anand beautifully summed up my emotions today -

Doesn’t matter how hard you try, if you have the guts to build a friendship this strong, have the balls to face the tears, cause they will come.

Finally, as I glance at that GPRA gate for the last time wiping those tears, myriad of memories flash across my mind. Today, a part of me dies. A part that will always be remembered, but which can never be resurrected.

Fare Thee Well IITJ! Fare Thee Well.

UG201313015 signing off.