Startify has been one of the best decisions of my undergraduate life. We got this idea of documenting our journey in a form of a podcast when we were traveling with our E-Cell juniors. We had real fun while making this. Enjoy the conversation!

This podcast revolves around three IIT undergrad students, who took the leap and started up Startify in their sophomore year. Startify is basically an online incubation hub which helps startup grow. Startify has been acquired by an incubator based out of Jaipur.

The podcast is in the form of a story - right from how the founders met, ideated, to how they got their first customer and the much famous exit. The founders have tried to share their learnings at every juncture of their journey. Part 1 of the podcast is more fun and less knowledge, but as you go further into the second part, the story becomes more exciting with some pointed takeaways.

Shout out to Abhinav, Karthik and E-Cell IIT Jodhpur for all the help.

For those who prefer downloading podcasts - Visit this link