Achyut Joshi

Data Enthusiast.Traveller.Hustler

Writing has always been a source to let out everything from my heart. It is and always will be my best listener.

I am Achyut Joshi, an engineering student at Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur studying Systems Science. Being a hardcore coder and a startup fanatic, I went on to team up with the other founders to start Startify. I have also initiated the E-Cell at IIT Jodhpur and am currently heading it.

Being a gujarati, I have business in my nerves and starting up always seemed the right thing to me. Apart from the technical know about, I am a vivid photographer. It is my dream to capture streets of every city/town in the world. I love travelling and whenever I get a chance I never miss out to get out and explore.

I am a kind of person who somewhere loves writing and every new year takes a resolution to start writing but never complete one month of it. I read just about anything but am very selective of what I love.

Hit me up for a simple ‘Hello’, I would love to have a conversation because I believe, ‘Life happens in such random conversations’. I would be waiting for your “Hi” then.