I was originally designed & manufactured in a small city called Vadodara, India. However, I carry the marks of all the cities and towns I have lived in. Currently, I am based out of Atlanta, USA where I daily work my ass off in crunching numbers & learning the art behind data science as a part of my master's program at Georgia Tech.

As any typical student would do, back in my undergrad days I never really paid attention to classes. Rather I explored different verticals in the name of “expanding my horizons” for a better future. I got hooked on by the idea of problem-solving and thus I started up Startify (an online incubation hub)in my sophomore year and it got acquired. Having gained the invaluable experience of growing Startify , I now love to sit with budding entrepreneurs and help them grow.

Technically, I am a Systems Science graduate from Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur. I am passionate about how data can help take better decisions and was working with SocialCops as the Data for Impact Fellow. I am currently doing my Masters in Analytics at Georgia Tech, along with working on a few data-centric side projects. I am in a pursuit to find the perfect balance between data science & data engineering!

I believe myself to be a lifestyle ninja, where I try experimenting with my routine & habits to foster a better lifestyle. Daily Journaling, Meditation, Digital Detox, etc

In my spare time, you will either find me listening to a podcast, reading a book or travelling somewhere. I love to document my travel diaries, views on random topics and book reviews on my blog. You can know what I am upto these days on my now page

Hit me up for a simple 'Hello', I would love to have a conversation because I believe, 'Life happens in such random conversations'

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