I am one of those who ran the rat race to enter the much hyped IITs and then in the due course of my stay there explored and found new interests. Being a gujarati starting up always seemed the right thing to me and thus I started up Startify (an online incubation hub)in my sophomore and it recently got acquired. Having gained the invaluable experience of growing Startify , I now love to sit with budding entrepreneurs and help them grow.

Technically, I am a Systems Science graduate from IIT Jodhpur. I am passionate about data analytics and how data can help boost a company's growth and was working with SocialCops as the Data for Impact Fellow.

Currently I am taking some time off from work - for travelling, spending time with my family and working on my body.

I plan to pursue Masters this year, primarily because a higher education will help me dig deeper into the science behind data analytics and secondarily, the experience of living in a new country excites me.

In my spare time, you will either find me listening to a podcast, reading a book or travelling somewhere. I love to document my travel diaries, views on random topics and book reviews on my blog. You can know what I am upto these days on my now page

Hit me up for a simple 'Hello', I would love to have a conversation because I believe, 'Life happens in such random conversations'

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