Hi! I am currently based out of Seattle, USA working with Amazon's Marketing Measurement and Optimization Team where I am learning more about the casual inference world on a day-to-day basis. Apart from that, I love building things and my broader areas of interest are - productivity, climate change, fintech and blockchain (slowly getting my hands dirty). I also write a bi-monthly newsletter - The So What series!

In my spare time, you will either find me listening to a podcast, reading a book or building a side hustle. I have been fascinated by the idea of a Life OS - where I can manage my whole life. I have built a very initial workflow on Notion (reach out if you are a nerd like me :)). You can know what I am upto these days on my now page

I originally hail from Vadodara. As any typical student would do, back in my undergraduation days I never really paid attention to classes. Rather I explored different verticals in the name of “expanding my horizons” for a better future. I got hooked on by the idea of problem-solving and thus I started up Startify (an online incubation hub)in my sophomore year and which got acquired later. Having gained the invaluable experience of growing Startify , I now love brainstorming different ideas.

I am passionate about how data can help take better decisions and was working with SocialCops as the Data for Impact Fellow.At Georgia Tech, I focused on learning more about the mathematics behind Machine Learning at large. I was also involved with the Natural Language Processing research group where I worked on Perspective Mining.

Hit me up for a simple 'Hello', I would love to have a conversation because I believe, 'Life happens in such random conversations'

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